WebLogic JMS

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WebLogic JMS

•JMS enables applications to communicate with one another through the exchange of messages. All J2EE servers implement JMS specification.In JMS we have Message Producer which creates/sends message and Message Consumer who actually consumes the message and probably do some action further.



•The common messaging models in JMS are:

1) Publish-Subscribe Messaging
When multiple applications need to receive the same messages, Publish-Subscribe Messaging is used.
The main concept in this model is “topic”.Publisher may send messages to a Topic, and all applications that are subscribed to the topic will receive the message.
Eg: Consider a stock quote application. The publisher would broadcast the updated stock quote (topic) and all the subscribers that are interested (subscribed) in the particular stock quote will receive it.

2)Point-To-Point Messaging (PTP)
The concept in this model is “queue”.This is 1-1 where there is one sender and one receiver.A queue sender (producer) sends a message to a specific queue. A queue receiver (consumer) receives messages from a specific queue.